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HV's proven metal stamping processes, sheet metal fabrication technology and finishing options ensures you routinely receive the most cost-effective and successful project outcome.


Centered on your unique part specifications and production volume, our team delivers a combination of innovative solutions designed to maximize production efficiency.

Metal Stamping and Assemblies

Manufacturing Capabilities:

Harvey Vogel Manufacturing has two highly-maintained facilities totaling 203,000+ square feet and employs over 300 people with operations running 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.  Many of our team proudly recognize 10 to 46 years tenure with the company.  

HV's state-of-the art equipment comprises of over 200 Stamping Presses (from 10 to 400 tons), 4 Trumpf Lasers, 3 Turrets, 13 Press Brakes, 12 CNC Machine Centers, Robotic Welder, Powder Coat Line and more.

Manufacturing Processes

Stamping Short Run

Metal Stamping
Short-Run (Stage Tool)

  • Low tooling cost

  • Typically 2,000 to 50,000 EAU

  • One time tooling charge

  • One tool each operation

Progressive Tool

  • Higher tooling cost

  • Typically 50,000 EAU & above

  • One tool all operations

Laser Fabrication


Lasers / Turrets / Press Brakes

  • No tooling cost

  • Typically 2,000 EAU

  • Prototypes

  • Start up

  • Lower Volumes



Vertical CNC / Machining Centers

  • Tighter tolerances

  • Spindle speeds up to 12,000 RPM

  • Two heights to 20"

  • Thru spindle coolant

Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet Cutting

5 Axis Waterjet Cutting

  • Thickness up to 6"

  • Sheet size up to 6' x 12'

  • Nearly all materials

HV Bunny

Quality solutions for challenging parts since 1942.

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