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Harvey Vogel is Your Complete Custom Metal Service Manufacturer

Efficient, cost-effective metal fabrication services are imperative to get the parts you need on time and ensure your components perform as required.


Harvey Vogel offers metal stamping processes, sheet metal fabrication technology, and finishing options to ensure you routinely receive the most cost-effective and successful project outcome. Our processes are centered on your unique part specifications, and we can form complex prototypes and high-volume designs. Our team has the experience needed to meet tight deadlines so that you get the part that you need when you need it.


Learn more about our custom metal stamping and metal manufacturing capabilities below, call us at 651-739-7373 or Contact Us and we can get started on your next project.

Quality solutions for challenging parts, since 1942.

Metal Stamping and Assemblies

Metal Manufacturing Equipment

HV’s manufacturing facility features two highly maintained facilities totaling 203,000+ square feet and employs over 300 people with operations running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our equipment offering allows our skilled machinists to take a part from design to the finished product in-house, allowing for quick turnaround times, reduced costs and continuous quality control at each stage of the manufacturing process.


Our state-of-the-art equipment comprises of over 200 Stamping Presses (from 10 to 400 tons), 4 Trumpf Lasers, 3 Turrets, 13 Press Brakes, 12 CNC Machine Centers, Robotic Welder, Powder Coat Line, and more.

View our selection of technology and equipment for more information.

Metal Stamping

Short-Run (Stage Tool)

  • Low tooling cost

  • Typically 2,000 to 50,000 EAU

  • One time tooling charge

  • One tool each operation

Progressive Tool

  • Higher tooling cost

  • Lower Per Piece Price

  • Typically 50,000 EAU & above

  • One tool all operations

Metal Fabrication

Lasers / Turrets / Press Brakes

  • No tooling cost

  • Typically 2,000 EAU

  • Prototypes

  • Start up

  • Lower Volumes


Vertical CNC / Machining Centers

  • Tighter tolerances

  • Spindle speeds up to 12,000 RPM

  • Two heights to 20"

  • Thru spindle coolant


  • Dedicated work cells

  • Complete Bill of Material (BOM)
    from a few to hundreds of components

  • Metal, plastics, wiring, hinges & more!

  • Supplier sourcing

  • Custom packaging

In-House Powder Coat Painting

  • Up to 12"W x 48"H x 48"L

  • Finishes for every part

Tool & Die

  • In-house repairs & maintenance

  • Customized tool & dies

  • Tooling inventory since 1942!

Engineering & Prototyping

  • Specification & design evaluation

  • Production strategy & cost savings

  • Quality control

  • Repeatability

Waterjet Cutting

5 Axis Waterjet Cutting

  • Thickness up to 6"

  • Sheet size up to 6' x 12'

  • Nearly all materials

Value Added Services

  • Hardware insertion

  • Inventory control

  • Tig / Mig welding

  • Spot welding

Manufacturing Capabilities

Short Run Metal Stamping

Harvey Vogel specializes in designing and building inexpensive short run stage tooling to provide lower cost parts at low to medium volumes.  Our proprietary tooling takes labor out of the process while increasing repeatability.  Because the tooling is designed specifically for our presses, the cost is lower and the lead times are shorter than traditional tooling.

*The ideal volume for stage tooling production is between 2,000 and 50,000 pieces per year.

Progressive Die Metal Stamping

Progressive die stamping gives you the lowest part price but the highest tooling cost.  The progressive die eliminates virtually all of the labor in the manufacturing process, however the tool is very expensive and requires a much longer lead time.  If your volumes can support the tooling, this is a great option!

*Progressive die stamping is ideal for production quantities of 50,000 pieces or more per year.

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication requires little to no tooling to make your part.  We use lasers, turret presses, and press brakes to fabricate your parts with standard tooling from our library.  This is the most labor intensive process, however if your volumes are low or your design is not stable yet, it may make the most sense to utilize fabrication.  Since there is usually no tooling, it can also be a way to get your product to market quickly while production tooling is being built.  

*Fabrication is the ideal choice for prototyping and low-volume production.  

Harvey Vogel offers options that other metal stampers and fabricators can’t.  We can work with you to ensure your design is compatible with low cost tooling and we can use multiple processes within the same project!

Engineering and Custom Tool & Die Making

Our engineers can assist in the design of new products and provide methods to reduce the cost of current products to help you keep a competitive edge in the marketplace. Visit our Engineering and Custom Tool & Die Making page to learn more.

Quick Turn Prototype Services

Harvey Vogel is the ideal partner to become an extension of your team, as we can deliver accurate prototypes in as little as 24 to 48 hours. We work closely with your team to provide components that meet the most exacting form, fit, and function requirements.

We provide value-added services to ensure your components and assemblies are of the highest quality and meet your application requirements. Our value-added services include but are not limited to: 

Value Added Services

  • Design and Engineering

  • Leveling

  • Tumbling

  • Deburring

  • Washing

  • Tig / Mig Welding

  • Spot Welding

  • Robotic Welding

  • CNC Machining

  • Hardware Insertion

  • Assembly & Kitting

  • Powder Coating

  • Heat Treat

  • Shot Blast

  • Inventory Management, Bar Coding, Kanban, JIT Programs & 3rd Party Warehousing

Learn More About Our In-House Capabilities

Connect with a rep in your area to discover how Harvey Vogel Manufacturing can optimize production and provide cost-effective solutions to your stamping and fabrication needs.

AS9100 and ISO Certifications

AS9100 Aerospace & Defense Certification
ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification
ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification

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