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Harvey Vogel Manufacturing Co. has partnered with certified metal stamping operations in Mexico, China and India. Our expertise in dealing with all facets of sourcing parts globally including managing jobs and assuring delivery of quality parts to your locations can relieve you of the headaches of obtaining lower cost parts.

Global Benefits

  • High Quality Parts

  • Low Cost Alternative

  • Harvey Vogel Manufacturing C. manages parts from order through shipment to your facility

  • Just-In-Time (JIT), Kanban or warehousing - anything you need!

  • Quality control personnel in China and Mexico to preform on-hand inspection before delivery to USA to assure the highest quality parts

  • Backup tooling and staff at Harvey Vogel Manufacturing Co. facility if needed

HV Parts Mexico
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HV Mexico

Your partner for metal fabrication and stampings


Harvey Vogel has partnered with a Mexico metal fabricator to meet all of your sheet metal needs. While Harvey Vogel in the USA continues to produce those tough and complex stampings with tighter tolerances, HV Mexico can now provide you with simpler, thicker gage parts. Harvey Vogel not only evaluates which metal process (stamping, fabrication, machining or waterjet) provides you the best value, but now we also save you money by choosing the best facility to produce your parts. And we do all of this while maintaining the highest quality.


Our new partnership with HV Mexico expands our global presence as we continue to be "Your Complete Metal Service Manufacturer."

HV Mexico Service Offerings


HV Mexico produces a wide range of less complex stampings and fabrications. We will ensure only the highest quality product arrives at your shipping door. HV Mexico specializes in parts that generally allow more open tolerance and use a thicker gage material. This would include parts for shelving, furniture, racking, frame supports and more. HV Mexico can also meet all of your welding and powder coating needs. We will move the parts across the border and then ship directly to you using JIT and Kanban delivery methods.


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