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Harvey Vogel continues to be the leader in the metal stampings industry and continues to add capabilities that will differentiate our company today and in the future. Currently touting 10 new vertical machining centers offering the ability to provide stand alone machined parts as well as allowing us to provide the tightest tolerance metal stampings and fabrications in the marketplace.


Ten Haas VMC (Vertical Machining Centers)


Capacity: Table size ranging from 12'' x 30'' to 26'' x 50'' | Spindle speeds up to 12000 rpm's | Z heights to 20''

Vertical Machining Centers have the spindle in the vertical position. These machines work well in applications where flat or long parts can be placed on the machine table. Parts are secured on the table typically using vises or other holding devices. They are suited for higher production work where parts can easily be changed out when machining is complete.

Generally softer more malleable materials are faster to machine and require less set-up time and have low cost tooling and fixturing investment. Materials we can use in high volume production include: Aluminum, Copper, Brass, and Plastic. Tougher materials such as stainless steel or high carbon materials require more specialized tooling to produce the same part made from non-abrasive material.

Single plane features are profitable and require less tooling, handling and fixturing. Reaming, tapping, counter boring, circle interpolation and standard machining and cutting with end mills are all standard operations.

Forgiving tolerances of .005 or higher are favorable and easier to hold and are faster to produce. We can hold tolerances of +/-.001, but may require multiple passes to achieve.

Types of Parts
Metal stamped parts with machined features are our specialty, but we also work with castings requiring secondary machining, plate work, bar stock work, widgets of any size, plastics, injection molded parts, cast iron parts and precision parts. Operations: Some of the many services we offer are threading, boring, tapping, cutting, milling, drilling, resurfacing, contouring and reaming.

Non Capabilities
Our machining centers do not do Turning, Making Hardware, 4th Axis Machining or horizontal machining. All of HV machine centers are 3-axis machine centers, currently we do not have 4th-axis capabilities.

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