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Metal Stamping Methods & Capabilities

Precision sheet metal stamping and prototyping services to match your project needs.

From low volume prototyping through large volume production, we can do more for you! 

For highly complex parts with multiple geometries and features, HV’s stamping methods paired with our cutting-edge fabrication capabilities deliver precision results at competitive prices.

Harvey Vogel Manufacturing utilizes the most current technologies, metal forming techniques and quality assurance programs to achieve precise tolerance requirements and design specifications.

Short to medium stamping

Short to Medium Volume Metal Stamping with Stage Tooling

This method is ideal for production runs between 2,000 to 50,000 pieces annually.

Single-stage stamping is a cost-effective and adaptable method for low to medium volume production. This involves using a series of coordinated tooling dies that perform specific operations to achieve precise forming specifications.

As parts are produced in stages, this allows flexibility to produce variably designed components, is a scalable production method, and accommodates quick part revisions economically.

Short-run metal stamping offers a rapid setup time, minimal tooling investment, and repeatability for complex high-quality parts.

An expansive tooling inventory maximizes efficiency and optimizes cost savings. As a trusted supplier of stampings since 1942, our readily available tooling dies accelerate production timelines and ensure that virtually any design requirement can be met cost-effectively.

Our expertise allows for seamless integration of stage tool stamping with in-house, value added processes such as welding, CNC machining, powder coating, and assembly. This results in a more finalized production-line-ready or to-market precision part.

Low Volume Stage Tooling Die

Short to medium volume stamping overview:

  • 2,000 to 50,000 pieces

  • Low tooling cost

  • One tool for each operation

  • In-house shared die sets reduce cost

  • Shorter tooling lead times

  • Quick turnaround for product to market (ROI)

  • Additional metal fabrication, finishing, and assembly services available in-house

Shor Run Stamping Dies
High Volume Stamping

High-Volume Progressive Die Metal Stamping

Progressive die stamping is ideal for production quantities of 50,000 or more annually.

This method of production involves a single custom die that delivers consistently high-quality results at a quick production rate with the lowest per-piece cost.  The (ROI) return on investment for progressive stamping significantly increases over time for high-volume production.

Progressive stamping dies allow multiple operations to be completed simultaneously and in sequence with a single stroke of the press.  Each station in the die performs a different operation such as punching, bending, coining, and cutting.  This allows for intricate parts with tight tolerances and complex geometries to be produced rapidly and with accuracy.

Our equipment with presses up to 400 tonnage, and the ability to manufacture using a range of alloys including aluminum, copper, and stainless steel coils, means we provide tailored solutions across all industries we serve.

With a commitment to exceptional service and quality, we go to great lengths to ensure your manufacturing experience is unmatched!  Our engineering expertise and in-house tooling capabilities mean rapid tooling solutions and continuous production flow.

Progressive Die Sample

Progressive die stamping overview:

  • 50,000 annually or more

  • One tool with consecutive forming operations

  • Tooling die investment

  • (ROI) over time on high-volume production

  • Lowest per-piece price

  • Long-term repeatability and quality

  • Uniform part accuracy

  • Efficient turnaround and delivery

  • In-house tool design and maintenance

Progressive Stamping Press
Prototype Low Volume

Prototype & Low Volume Production

Our expert engineers and tool designers can assist with manufacturing strategies for new products and provide methods to reduce the cost of current products to help you keep a competitive edge in the marketplace.  

Prototypes can often be achieved in 24 - 48 hours.


Rapid prototyping services produce physical samples to ensure fit or functionality, allow for less-costly design modifications, and can identify manufacturability improvements prior to reaching larger volume production.

Prototypes and sample parts can be manufactured using a combination of stamping and fabrication methods including stage tooling, laser cutting, press brakes, turret punching, CNC machining, and waterjet cutting.

Backed by over 80 years of experience and customer satisfaction, your team not only receives quality results but also a trusted partnership for innovative solutions to all your metal stamping and assembly production challenges.

Trump Laser Prototyping

Prototype & low volume overview:

The Harvey Vogel Advantage

Your full-service sheet metal stamping and fabrication manufacturer for complex parts and assemblies.

Components used in the industries we serve often require manufacturing strategies that combine stamping and fabrication processes to achieve highly customized forms with dimensional consistency and accuracy.


Our team of experienced and dedicated manufacturing specialists provide unmatched forward-thinking solutions to the most challenging design specifications.


We provide a range of in-house value added services including welding, assembly, powder coating, and more! 

For high quality parts and manufacturing experience you can trust, contact a Harvey Vogel Representative in your area today!

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