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HV works with you to decide the type of tooling and production method that best meets your volume requirements and cost/benefit needs.


Less Volume - Rapid Prototyping

  • Samples or prototypes

  • Typically less than 1,000 parts annually

  • Manufacture with lasers, turrets, water jet machines, and press brakes

  • No tooling costs, higher piece price

Short to Medium Run Volumes

  • Typically 1,000 to 40,000 parts annually

  • Manufacture with stage tools built and maintained in house for life of part

  • Usually one tool for each operation (e.g., blank, form, pierce)

  • Shared die sets to reduce tool cost

  • Less expensive tools, lower piece price

We can meet all of your short to medium run needs with low cost short-run tooling.

Examples of short-run, semi-permanent blank, pierce and form tooling.


Longer Run Volume

  • Typically 40,000 parts or more annually

  • Manufacture with progressive tools built and maintained in house

  • One tool for all operations

  • Final part produced with each stroke of the press

  • More expensive tool, lower piece price 


Progressive tooling is ideal for longer runs, allowing sequential operations, on the same press, at the lowest unit cost.

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