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Our ability to consolidate outsourcing and streamline the production process helps our customers save time and money.

At Harvey Vogel Manufacturing we are dedicated to creating long-term relationships with our customers and strive to exceed expectations.


Hardware Assembly


Your partner for complex assemblies.

Harvey Vogel now adds even more value by assembling your complex stampings and components into more advanced sub-modules that can then be easily assembled right into your final OEM product. Save time and money with assemblies from Harvey Vogel.

From a Few Components to Hundreds
At Harvey Vogel we can simply assemble a few parts for you or complete a Bill of Materials (BOM) of hundreds of different components. Our strong project management teams allows us to build, procure and assemble various metal, plastic, wiring and other components to create your final product with the highest quality. We can also finish your parts to meet any of your requirements. This greatly simplifies your process by using only Harvey Vogel instead of hassling with potentially hundreds of vendors.

Our Assembly Experience
Harvey Vogel is a leader in the manufacturing of difficult metal stampings and assemblies for a wide variety of industries. With over 80 years of excellence in manufacturing, our team of over 200 dedicated professionals is ready to assemble your stampings, fabrications and purchased components into your final creation. Whatever type of assembly, submodule or value add you need, Harvey Vogel can pull it all together for you!

Case Study 1
Automated Teller Machine
This precision assembly consists of 77 metal stampings, 34 purchased components, and hundreds of hardware pieces using over 20 vendors. The end result is a sophisticated ATM. Harvey Vogel stamps the complex metal components and assembles them into a sub module saving the customer thousands of
dollars and significantly reducing the number of vendors required.

Core services provided:

  • Metal Stampings & Fabrication

  • Welding, Painting & Plating

  • Purchased Components
    - Plastic
    - Slides
    - Locks
    - Custom Packaging

  • Final Assembly

Metal Parts Assembly

Case Study 2
Medical Transfer Cart

Completely designed by Harvey Vogel, the final product consists of 22 metal components and 15 purchased components from 13 separate vendors. The end product is a transfer cart for distributing medical supplies and medicine in hospitals. Harvey Vogel ships all the final carts to the end customer saving time and money.
Core services provided:

  • Metal Stampings & Fabrication

  • Painting & Plating

  • Purchased Components
    - Plastic
    - Rubber Bumpers
    - Casters
    - Hardware & Hinges

  • Final Assembly

HV Bunny
Medical Part Assembly
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