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Top-tier service for intricate sheet metal stampings and fabricated assemblies.

Hardware Insertion & Assemblies

Add value to your manufacturing strategy by sourcing precision metal stamping, fabrication, and assembly solutions from a single reputable source.


Our expertise and customized work cells enable accurate assembly of complex metal stampings or fabrications into more complete sub-modules for seamless integration into final OEM products. 


Collaborating with a supplier specialized in tight tolerance sheet metal stampings and assembly services accelerates production timelines, adds value with single source manufacturing, and ensures consistently high-quality components, backed by AS9100 and ISO 9001 certifications.


Whether a handful of components or an extensive (BOM) Bill of Materials with up to hundreds of pieces is required, we are well-equipped to deliver superior results across all complexities. 

With over 80 years of experience, our project management proficiency leads to accurate production, procurement, and assembly of materials including metal, plastic, rubber, or wiring components to create a final product to meet any specification.


Contact a Sales Representative in your area to advance your sourcing strategy for precision sheet metal assemblies.

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Consolidating outsourcing and streamlining the production process helps our customers save time and money.


We are dedicated to creating long-term relationships with our customers by simplifying the procurement process for precision metal assemblies.


Precision sheet metal stamped parts and assemblies we produce are used in various industries and applications.  

  • Aerospace Control and Filtration Components

  • Agriculture Equipment Enclosures

  • Antenna Components and Mounts

  • Automation and Industrial Rail Components

  • Chassis Parts

  • Computer Hard Drive and Network Mounts

  • Control Housings and Latches

  • Electrical Box Covers

  • Electronic Casing and Back Plates

  • Food Service Equipment and Appliance Components

  • Heating Elements and Conductors

  • Hinges, Hardware, and Fasteners

  • Industrial and Commercial Enclosures

  • LED Light Fixture Casings

  • Marine Equipment and Watercraft Accessories

  • Medical Device Framework and Equipment Carts

  • Military Telecommunications and Navigational Units

  • Mounting Brackets

  • Robotic Fixtures and Enclosures

  • Solar Energy Components and Devices

  • Transportation Engine Mechanisms and Cosmetic Components

Computer Hardware Assembly

Computer Hardware Assembly

Stuffer Drive Assembly.jpg

ATM Stuffer Assembly

Aerospace Latch Assembly

Aerospace Latch Asssembly

Box Assembly

Computer Box Assembly

Assembly Capsa 1817663 Tab.jpg

Hardware Capabilities:

  • Brackets: Structural component used to support, connect or align parts

  • Bushings: Reduce friction between moving parts

  • Clips and Clamps: To secure wiring, cables, or other components for organization

  • Fasteners (screws, bolts, rivets): Used to secure different parts of a stamped product

  • Grommets and Eyelets: Reinforce or protect wiring passing through metal parts

  • Handles and Knobs: Provides usability and operational function

  • Hinges: Creates movable joints

  • Inserts (threaded or non-threaded): Provide durability for holes in a metal part

  • Latches and Locks: Enables security or access restriction

  • PEM Hardware: Used to secure different parts of a stamped product

  • Pins (dowel, spring, cotter): Used to align and secure components

  • Standoffs and Spacers: Allows distance between parts or surfaces

  • Washers: Distributes pressure, act as a spacer, or seal

Innovation is limitless with the right manufacturing partner.

This precision assembly consists of 77 metal stampings, 34 purchased components, and hundreds of hardware pieces using over 20 vendors. The end result is a sophisticated ATM. Harvey Vogel stamps the complex metal components and assembles them into a sub-module saving the customer thousands of dollars and significantly reducing the number of vendors required.

Core services provided:

  • Metal Stampings & Fabrication

  • Welding, Painting & Plating

  • Purchased Components
    - Plastic
    - Slides
    - Locks
    - Custom Packaging

  • Final Assembly

Complex Assemblies.jpg

Completely designed by Harvey Vogel, the final product consists of 22 metal components and 15 purchased components from 13 separate vendors. The end product is a transfer cart for distributing medical supplies and medicine in hospitals. Harvey Vogel ships all the final carts to the end customer saving time and money.
Core services provided:

  • Metal Stampings & Fabrication

  • Painting & Plating

  • Purchased Components
    - Plastic
    - Rubber Bumpers
    - Casters
    - Hardware & Hinges

  • Final Assembly

Medical Cart Assembly.jpg

Connect with a Harvey Vogel Manufacturing Representative in you area today!

AS9100 Aerospace & Defense Certification

ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification

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