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Harvey Vogel metal stampings and fabrications are part of some of the most famous products in the world. These parts may be miniature or large, functional, or appearance driven.  

Partnering with a team of highly skilled and driven professionals produces results.  Contact us to review your manufacturing needs and discover HV's innovative methods and cost-effective solutions.


World Class Manufacturing

Harvey Vogel Manufacturing is recognized as a highly diverse supplier of top quality metal stampings, fabrications and assemblies from start-up applications to Fortune 500 companies. With over 200 stamping presses, up to 400 tons, Harvey Vogel can accommodate almost any metal stamping need from short and long run and simple to extremely complex parts and assemblies. Our innovative work cells with conveyors and assembly lines produce parts more efficiently and at the lowest cost.


Automotive Service


  • Operations to manufacture are blank, form, heat treat, shot blast, plate and plastisol handle

  • Tight tolerance parts with heat treat


ATM Cash Dispenser

  • 31 total pieces of hardware

  • 9 different types are inserted
    post plate

  • Very tight tolerances


After Market Recreation Equipment

  • Fishing boat anchor

  • Waterjet cut, form, plate

  • 3/8” and 1/2” aluminum


Computer Assembly

  • 5-piece assembly, very tight tolerances

  • Leveling to .005 across length of part

  • Metallurgical testing performed

  • Coordination of many outside suppliers and processes


Lottery Chassis

  • 7-piece assembly, mild steel with spot welds

  • Design input from inception for cost reduction

  • Stage tool incorporated to minimize labor costs

  • Weight reduction by use of tooled features

  • Custom packaging to eliminate cost and waste

"Your Complete Metal Service Manufacturer"


Medical Equipment

  • Medical cart for capturing patient information

  • Very tight tolerances

  • Aesthetic requirements & paint

  • Powder coat in-house


Food Service Equipment

  • 18” x 20” plate used for keeping food warm in the fast food industry

  • Plate is aluminum leveled to 0.20 flat across length of part

  • Plate has a highly cosmetic black anodized surface


Agriculture Industry

  • Multi-part assembly

  • TIG weld

  • Complex forms

  • Aesthetic requirements
    & paint

  • Powder coat in-house


2nd and 3rd Tier Automotive

  • Shifter assembly for military vehicle

  • Parts manufactured using stage tools

  • 100% cost reduction through
    process improvements

  • Powder coat in-house

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