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Your partner for precision metal fabricated assemblies. In the process of developing new or improving existing products, your engineering team needs capable partners that are integral to your team. Delivering results in a fast-paced schedule is the key to the success of your project. Harvey Vogel is the ideal partner to become an extension of your team as we can deliver accurate prototypes in as little as 24 to 48 hours.

Supporting Your Engineering
Harvey Vogel will work closely with your team through the design phase to provide components that meet the most exacting form, fit, and function requirements. Our 
experience will support a Value Analysis/Value Engineering (VAVE) process that balances performance and cost. The payback to you through this process will be recognized through your product launch and production.

Prototype Capabilities
Our customers benefit from our experience as well as the tools that we have in our tool box. Utilizing multiple CAD platforms on the front-end, we are able to easily work with your designs to help establish a process.
• Laser
• Water Jet
• Turret
• Press Brakes
• Assembly

Metal Fabricated Prototype
24 to 48 hrs Prototype

Case Study 1
Gear Case

Our customer was in process of a complete redesign of their power equipment product line. They were on an aggressive timetable and needed to prototype most of the new designs to prove them out. Our engineering team played an integral role in the VAVE process to ensure that the case could be manufactured cost effectively. The size of this part is 14” x 11” x 11”.

Gear Case Prototype

Case Study 2
Rotating Base

Our customer needed a new design for a rotating base for an existing product. The initial parts were completed in three days to support required product testing. The testing process identified some issues with the existing design and the part was redesigned. Harvey Vogel made new parts in an equally short time frame to support additional testing and acceptance to support the product launch. The size of this part is 10” x 6” x 6”.

Rotating Base Protoype
HV and US Flag

Custom Metal Stampings, Fabrication & Assemblies

HV Bunny
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