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Precision manufacturing unites with customized inventory solutions.

Inventory Management

Efficient inventory management is crucial to business operations and success. This is why we offer customized warehousing and stocking programs to meet the unique demands of your supply chain. We offer (JIT) just in time, kanban, 3rd party warehouse, and (VMI) vendor-managed inventory solutions to meet any supply chain requirement.   


As a leading supplier of precision sheet metal stampings and assemblies, we cater to a wide array of market demands, from complex low-volume productions to extensive global distributions. Our expertise ensures timely delivery and superior service to meet these needs with precision and reliability.


Our team of experienced professionals paired with the latest technologies, and a commitment to excellence, allow us to consistently deliver unmatched metal forming solutions and service.


Contact a Harvey Vogel Representative for high-quality custom manufacturing and tailored inventory solutions.

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Our warehousing and stocking programs are designed to:

Reduce Lead Times: With products readily available in our warehouse, we minimize lead times to ensure you receive components exactly when needed.


Minimize Inventory Costs: By adopting a just-in-time inventory approach, we help you reduce the costs associated with holding and managing excess inventory, freeing up your capital for other business areas.


Supply Chain Reliability: Our strategic stocking solutions provide a steady supply of components to eliminate supply chain disruptions.


Flexibility and Responsiveness: Adjusting to market demands becomes easier with our flexible stocking programs which allow for scalable production without added logistics.


Customized Stocking Plans: We work closely with you to understand your specific needs to establish an inventory plan that aligns with your forecasts and demand cycles.


Streamlined Operations: Our efficient warehousing solutions are designed to simplify operations and procurement processes.


Dedicated Support: Our experienced team is on hand to manage your inventory needs, providing regular updates and ensuring that your components are available when you need them.

Sheet Metal Parts Inventory

Inventory methods:

JIT Just-In-Time Inventory: Improves efficiency and reduces waste by aligning raw materials fulfillment with production needs to support lower inventory levels.


Kanban Inventory Programs: A visual control system that manages material flow supporting just-in-time production to reduce excess inventory. 


Third-Party Warehousing: Involves outsourcing the storage and handling of goods to another specialized party.


VMI Vendor-Managed Inventory: We partner with you to establish inventory replenishment and fulfillment expectations and manage the process from end-to-end directly within our facilities.  

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