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Short to Medium Volume Metal Stamping with Stage Tooling

Our Specialty Since 1942!

Partnering with a trusted expert in high-quality metal stampings results in unparalleled production flexibility and cost-effective manufacturing solutions to even the most complex part requirements.


Our commitment to excellence enables us to quickly evaluate your specific needs and deliver precision parts timely and consistently.


With decades of experience producing tight tolerance quality stampings and fabrications using a range of alloys, from lightweight aluminum to robust stainless steel, we excel at meeting diverse industry-specific requirements including durability, appearance, and performance.


This versatility ensures that our partnership will provide you with components perfectly suited to elevate the quality and reliability of your projects across any application.

Our full-service manufacturing capabilities add value, improve production efficiency, and provide a higher level of finished components.


For reliable and responsive manufacturing tailored to your stamping needs, contact an experienced representative in your area today.

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Low Volume Stage Tool Die
  • 2,000 to 50,000 pieces

  • Low tooling cost

  • One tool for each operation

  • In-house shared die sets reduce cost

  • Shorter tooling lead times

  • Quick turnaround for product to market (ROI)

  • Additional metal fabrication, finishing, and assembly services available in-house

Short to medium volume stamping overview:

Single-stage stamping is a cost-effective and adaptable method for low to medium volume production. This involves using a series of coordinated tooling dies that perform specific operations to achieve precise forming specifications.

As parts are produced in stages, this allows flexibility to produce variably designed components, is a scalable production method, and accommodates quick part revisions economically.

Short-run metal stamping offers a rapid setup time, minimal tooling investment, and repeatability for complex high-quality parts.

An expansive tooling inventory maximizes efficiency and optimizes cost savings.  As a trusted supplier of stampings since 1942, our readily available tooling dies accelerate production timelines and ensure that virtually any design requirement can be met cost-effectively.

Our expertise allows for seamless integration of stage tool stamping with in-house, value added processes such as welding, CNC machining, powder coating, and assembly. This results in a more finalized production-line-ready or to-market precision part.

Stamped Gear Shifter Component

2nd and 3rd Tier Automotive

• Shifter assembly for military vehicle

• Parts manufactured using stage tools

• 100% cost reduction through process improvements

• Powder coat in-house

Stamped Chassis Assembled Part

Lottery Chassis

• 7-piece assembly, mild steel with spot welds

• Design input from inception for cost reduction

• Stage tool incorporated to minimize labor costs

• Weight reduction by use of tooled features

• Custom packaging to eliminate cost and waste

Our quality certifications back our commitment to precision metal stampings.

AS9100 Aerospace & Defense Certification

ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification

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