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Fiber Optic Laser Cutting

Experience peak efficiency and accuracy in metal stamping and fabrication with our high-speed laser cutting services.

For prototypes and projects where lower production volumes make investment in physical blanking dies impractical, our laser cut blanking solutions offer significant time and cost savings.


Equipped with a fleet of cutting-edge lasers and automated feed towers, we provide exceptional accuracy, speed, and design flexibility. This technology enables us to expertly navigate intricate shapes and features, dramatically reduce material waste, and meet quick-turn production timelines.


Unlock the full potential of your projects with our expertise in complex metal stamping, fiber optic laser cutting solutions, and full range of in-house secondary operations


Collaborating with a reputable full-service manufacturer provides you with a competitive edge in your market. Our streamlined metal stamping and fabrication services ensure your components are manufactured with the highest level of precision and with the most cost-effective workflow.


Our advanced laser cutting capabilities, combined with over 80 years in the metal stamping industry, position us uniquely to deliver custom solutions that meet your exact specifications, enhancing the overall value and performance of your products.


Contact a Harvey Vogel Representative in your area to learn how our high-capacity laser-cutting services can benefit your business.


Fiber Optic Laser Cutting Overview:

  • 2 Trumpf L3030 6,000 watt fiber optic lasers with fully automated compact 8-pallet tower systems

  • 2 Trumpf L3030 4,000 watt CO2 lasers with fully automated linear 8-Pallet Towers systems


Capacity includes a range of alloys and materials up to ¾” thick and lengths up to 120” long by 60” wide.


Stainless Steel




Film-Coated Sheet Metal

Laser Cutting Benefits:

  • Rapidly delivers accurate prototypes and complex part geometries with high precision.

  • Eliminates blanking die investment on low to medium volume production.

  • Achieves precision cutouts, complex contours, small hole diameters, and intricate design features.

  • Adaptable to various alloys and thickness, fulfilling part requirements from lightweight specifications to high-performance applications.

  • Fast output and efficient material utilization through precise nesting.

  • Facilitates easy design modifications without tooling costs.

  • Common secondary services include stamping, forming, powder coat finishing, and assembly.

Our quality certifications back our commitment to precision metal stampings.

AS9100 Aerospace & Defense Certification

ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification

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