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Optimize your project with precision metal stampings & assemblies

This marketplace is comprised of the most difficult parts requiring tight tolerances and precision execution to ensure reliance and repeatability.  Our team is versed in the manufacturing demands of robotic and automation equipment that integrate the latest technology with custom engineered components to achieve innovative, next level finished goods.


Brackets, chassis, arm mounts, exterior features, assembled components and more; Harvey Vogel Manufacturing introduces the most forward-thinking approach to your production needs. Accelerate your program momentum with a dedicated and experienced HV project team.  

Robotics Metal Stamping

From Design to Prototypes to Production

Revolutionary products require the highest level of performance from your supply chain.  Harvey Vogel will provide intuitive manufacturing solutions and exceed your expectations.

From engineering support to customized production cells thru in-house secondary services, HV is ready to guide your components efficiently through every phase of the manufacturing process. 80 years of industry experience endorses our reputation for proficiency with product evolution and the ability to innovate processes to achieve on-point results for even the most challenging product specifications.

Our Robotics & Automation Experience

Harvey Vogel is a leading manufacturer of stampings, fabrications and assemblies for the robotics and automation industries.  Products that incorporate Harvey Vogel components include the latest technologies used in our rapidly changing marketplace.

Our ability to add value by providing complete components and assemblies makes Harvey Vogel the ideal choice for your robotic and automation programs.

Case Study 1
Automation Pop-Up Assembly

This assembly for a giant retailer's sort and warehouse operation is comprised of four stamped parts, a purchased actuator, and various pieces of hardware. Stage tooling is created to produce the custom stamped forms. The two largest components receive a powder coat finish in-house prior to assembly. This assembly was designed, manufactured, and optimized for efficient production.

Automation Pop-up Assembly

Core services include:

  • Stage tooling (forming)

  • In-house powder coating

  • Cell assembly

Case Study 2
E-Grocery Automation

This complex metal stamping is used in the infrastructure of a robotic pick and pull system for the dry goods grocery market.  Harvey Vogel was an integral part of the design phase that ensured the most cost-effective manufacturing process in bringing this part from concept to manufacturing.  Our team of engineers partnered with our customer at the early stages to guarantee fit, form, and functionality.

Core services include

  • Laser

  • Sand

  • Level

  • Form (several)

  • Plate

E-Grocery Automation

Service Offerings

At Harvey Vogel, we understand that your project can take many different forms. We also know that multiple manufacturing options are needed, dependent on where the product is in its lifecycle. With over 80 years of experience in producing metal stampings, Harvey Vogel offers you the tools and know-how to make your next project successful.

  • Metal Stampings

  • Laser Fabrication

  • Machining

  • Water Jet Cutting

2 Facilities | 203,000 Square Feet and Over 200 Presses

  • Prototype

  • Assembly

  • Painting/Powder Coating

  • Plating

  • Anodize & E-Coat

  • Tooling Design & Production

  • VA/VE - Value Analysis & Engineering

  • VMI - Vendor Managed Inventory

  • ISO Certified Quality Systems

Precision Metal Stampings
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