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Fabrication is the ideal choice for prototyping, variable design needs, and low volume production.  


At Harvey Vogel Manufacturing we specialize in high-quality metal fabrications and offer a wide range of services to meet even the most complex needs. Our team of experienced professionals use the latest technologies and equipment to produce custom fabrications for a variety of industries.


This method can often utilize a combination of equipment including lasers, turrets, water jet machines, and press brakes. Our commitment to quality and precision makes us the ideal choice for fabricated components.

Prototype & low volume overview:

  • No tooling investment

  • Repeatable manufacturing using in-house lasers, turrets, water jet, and press brake equipment

  • Economical for design modifications or product development

  • Minimally formed to highly complex components

Trump Laser


Our systems with "lights-out" linear automation provide low cost, flat-blank solutions ideal for prototypes, low to medium production volumes and any parts with demanding geometry that does not lend itself to hard tooling. Dynamic nesting and scheduling of multiple jobs at the same time exponentially improves material utilization and reduces material costs.

Combined with our wide variety of stamping presses, large selection of CNC milling machines, turret presses, TIG/MIG welding and assembly operations - Harvey Vogel Manufacturing provides a full spectrum of metal fabrication resources.

Separator Plate 44892-09X.jpg


In addition to HV's vast range of stamping presses, our equipment line-up includes 4 Trumpf Laser Systems, 2 Armada Turrets, 15 press brakes and Water Jet capabilities. 


HV’s newest 6000 watt fiber optic laser is paired with a dedicated 8 pallet tower.  This state of the art laser has the ability to cut at speeds over 1000 inches per minute!  We can cut through materials over one inch thick, and able to cut copper, brass and bronze in addition to carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum.


Harvey Vogel Manufacturing is your full-service stamping and fabrication supplier for any part.... at any volume!

The Harvey Vogel Advantage!

What sets us apart is our ability to add even more value through dedicated work cells which maximize efficiency and our ability to provide complex assembly capabilities.  Learn More...

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