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Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Capabilities

Your full-service manufacturer for complex precision metal stamping, fabrication, and assembly.

The integration of complete fabrication capabilities within our facilities, including fiber optic laser cutting, CNC machining, turret punching, and waterjet cutting, ensures high-quality sheet metal parts are produced with optimal efficiency and reliable performance.


This approach provides cohesive quality control, streamlines the buying processes from concept through delivery, and accelerates production timelines.


Our engineering expertise and cutting-edge fabrication equipment enable a smooth transition from rapid prototyping to reliable manufacturing tailored to your application needs.


For low volume production on intricate part designs, projects requiring assembled components, or those involving aesthetic consideration, our ability to timely deliver high-end results stands out.


Components used across the industries we serve often demand manufacturing strategies that combine metal stamping, fabrication, and finishing techniques to achieve a range of dimensional and cosmetic specifications.


Contact an experienced representative near you to see how our precision metal fabrication capabilities can achieve your project expectations.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Overview

  • Prototyping and production up to 10,000 pieces

  • No tooling investment

  • 24/7 Lights our production capability

  • Cost-effective for part variations

  • Economical for design modifications and product evolution

  • Achieves minimally formed to highly complex part specifications

  • Compatible with stage tool stamping; our inventory of shared die sets saves money!

  • In-house CNC machining, press brake forming, turret punching, waterjet cutting, welding, assembly & powder coat painting

Fabrication and Assembly Project

Restaurant Equipment

• Fiber optic laser cut blank

• Features side louvers, spot & tig weldments

• Stainless steel surface finish

• Assembly and FDA approved sealant application

DSC01308 2.jpg

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Services:

Fiber Optic Laser Cutting

2 Trumpf L3030 6,000 watt fiber optic lasers with fully automated compact 8-pallet tower systems

2 Trumpf L3030 4,000 watt CO2 lasers with fully automated linear 8-Pallet Towers systems

Capacity includes a range of alloys up to ¾” thick and lengths up to 120” long by 60” wide.

  • Rapidly delivers accurate prototypes and complex part geometries with high precision.

  • Eliminates blanking die investment on low to medium volume production.

  • Achieves precision cutouts, complex contours, small hole diameters, and intricately designed geometries.

  • Adaptable to various alloys and thickness, fulfilling requirements for lightweight specifications or durable high-performance applications.

  • Fast output and efficient material utilization through precise part nesting.

  • Facilitates easy design modifications without tooling costs.


CNC Machining

10 Haas vertical CNC machining centers, including VF5 and DM-2

Capacity up to 26” x 50”

Spindle speeds up to 12000 rpm’s

Z heights to 20”

Tolerances of +/-.001

  • Achieves repeatable tight tolerance holes, contours, and intricate part features.

  • Performs secondary operations including counterboring, countersinking, deburring, tapping, and advanced surface treatments.

  • Ideal for precision components requiring meticulous attention to detail.


Press Brake Bending and Forming

15 Press brakes ranging from 8’ to 12’ with micro processor controls and CNC axis back gage

  • Produces complex angles, contours, and bends with options for coining and hemming.

  • Eliminates the need for tooling investment, offering cost-efficient precise bending and forming solutions.

  • Supports rapid prototyping and modifications for evolving product designs.


Turret Punching

3 Armada Vipros 255 Turret presses with automated load/unload system

  • Automated process for forming, embossing, and creating precision cutouts.

  • Suits high-speed production needs with consistent accuracy and repeatability.

  • Versatile for a variety of applications and aesthetic requirements.

Water Jet 1 15 24_edited.jpg

Waterjet Cutting

A-1212 WaterJet CNC Cutting System 4’ x 4’

7” maximum material length, width, and thickness

  • Cold-cutting technique preserves material integrity and eliminates HAZ (Heat Affected Zone).

  • Ideal for thick materials, providing precise cuts, excellent edge quality, and surface finishes.

  • Supports prototyping and low-volume production processes with automation.

  • Close part nesting minimizes material waste.

  • Capable of machining metals, plastics, rubbers, stone, and more. (Excludes diamond and tempered glass)



600 Amp high speed Fanuc 5 axis robotic weld cell 30” x 40” capacity

  • Robotic: Enables automated, precision welding for high-volume production, ensuring consistency and efficiency across repetitive tasks.

  • TIG: Delivers high-quality, clean welds ideal for appearance-sensitive components, requiring precision.

  • MIG: Offers faster welding speeds and extensive surface coverage, versatile across various material thicknesses.

  • Spot: Efficient for high-volume production, especially suited for joining sheet metal with minimal deformation.

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