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Cheers to Harvey Vogel

Harvey Vogel’s experience in the food and beverage industry includes components and assemblies used in restaurant and beverage equipment, point of sale products, cash registers and hand held devices. These product requirements include precision and
appearance, while ensuring they function consistently in a variety of environments. Harvey Vogel offers you a breadth of experience and capabilities to meet these challenges, while providing exceptional quality and on-time delivery.


Prototype to Production
From revolutionary products to improving your supply chain for high quality stampings, Harvey Vogel meets your needs. Our experience covers all phases of manufacturing, from product development through production.

Our Business & Entertainment Experience

Harvey Vogel is a leader in the manufacturing of stampings and assemblies for the food and beverage market. Many of these parts have tight tolerances and are highly aesthetic.
They also are built to meet the stringent requirements of the FDA. Our ability to add value by providing complete components and assemblies makes Harvey Vogel your ideal choice to handle your food and beverage product needs.

Food and Beverage Parts Manufacturer

Case Study 1
Heating Plate

This incredibly tight tolerance part must hold flatness of .020 across the length of the 18” x 20” part. Used as a heating plate to keep food warm at a major fast food chain, trays slide in and out over this surface. A protective hard coat anodize is used to meet FDA requirements. Harvey Vogel has developed a state of the art stamping and leveling workcell to produce this part at the absolute lowest cost.

Core services include:

  • Blanking

  • Leveling (multiple passes)

  • Metal Finishing
    (hard coat anodize)

Resturant Heating Plate

Case Study 2

Ice Cream Scoop

Harvey Vogel makes the scoop for this ice cream scooper. This metal stamping has stringent dimensional requirements. Harvey Vogel used its tooling expertise to develop a contour stamping die to consistently meet these tight tolerances.

Core services include

  • Blanking

  • Forming

  • Metal finishing
    (clear coat anodize)

Ice Cream Scoop

Service Offerings

At Harvey Vogel, we understand that your project can take many different forms. We also know that multiple manufacturing options are needed, dependent on where the product is in its lifecycle. With over 80 years of experience in producing metal stampings, Harvey Vogel offers you the tools and know-how to make your next project successful.

  • Metal Stampings

  • Laser Fabrication

  • Machining

  • Water Jet Cutting

2 Facilities | 203,000 Square Feet and Over 200 Presses

  • Prototype

  • Assembly

  • Painting/Powder Coating

  • Plating

  • Anodize & E-Coat

  • Tooling Design & Production

  • VA/VE - Value Analysis & Engineering

  • VMI - Vendor Managed Inventory

  • ISO Certified Quality Systems

Metal Stamping and Fabrication
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