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Staying competitive today requires more planning and foresight than ever before. What was good enough yesterday is not good enough today. In this extremely competitive global market you need every possible advantage, including vendors that can keep pace with your changing needs.

At Harvey Vogel Manufacturing Co., we believe that quality products of high reliability are not created on the plant floor, they are created in the engineering, design and tooling stages. It is here that quality products become competitive products... and it is here that one metal fabricator is distinguished from another.

How can costs be lowered without sacrificing reliability? Can it be made lighter? Or simplified? Can operations be reduced or combined? Will a more finished product or component reduce other costs? Harvey Vogel Manufacturing Co. has the metal stamping engineering expertise and know-how to answer these questions and keep your competitive edge in the marketplace. Our engineers are available to visit your facility to assist in the design of new products or reduce the cost of current products.

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