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High Volume Progressive Metal Stamping

Streamline your success with precision metal stampings.

Choosing a reputable metal stamping supplier means buyers can expect consistent high-quality parts, cost efficiency on scalable production, quick turnaround times, and solutions to complex part designs that require exacting precision.


Our in-house capabilities include engineering, tool design and maintenance, assembly services, and finishing options to streamline the production process. This integrated approach allows us to quickly accommodate part revisions, immediately address issues, and ensure an uninterrupted production flow.


Our expert engineers design progressive tools to withstand a product's lifetime that generate tight tolerance part features like punching, coining, bending, lancing, and embossing.  Combining multiple processes into a single press stroke for mass production significantly accelerates time-to-market for many industries we serve including electrical, industrial, or consumer applications.


Housing over 200 presses with a capacity up to 400 tons, our advanced facilities are designed to manage any level of stamping complexity across various alloys.  This positions us uniquely to meet the specific requirements of any project or industry standard with exceptional expertise and precision.


For efficient solutions to large volume stampings requiring quick turn, repeatable, and high-quality results, contact an experienced Harvey Vogel Representative in your area today.

Large Volume Progressive Stamping
Tool and Die
Progressive Die Sample

Progressive die stamping overview:

  • 50,000 annually or more

  • One tool with consecutive forming operations

  • Tooling die investment

  • (ROI) over time on high-volume production

  • Lowest per-piece price

  • Long-term repeatability and quality

  • Uniform part accuracy

  • Efficient turnaround and delivery

  • In-house tool design and maintenance

This method of production involves a single custom die that delivers consistently high-quality results at a quick production rate with the lowest per-piece cost.  The (ROI) return on investment for progressive stamping significantly increases over time for high-volume production.

Progressive stamping dies allow multiple operations to be completed simultaneously and in sequence with a single stroke of the press.  Each station in the die performs a different operation such as punching, bending, coining, and cutting.  This allows for intricate parts with tight tolerances and complex geometries to be produced rapidly and with accuracy.

Our equipment up to 400 tonnage, and the ability to manufacture using a range of alloys including aluminum, copper, and stainless steel coils, ensures we provide tailored solutions across all industries we serve.

With a commitment to exceptional service and quality, we go to great lengths to ensure your manufacturing experience is unmatched!  Our engineering expertise and in-house tooling capabilities mean rapid tooling solutions and continuous production flow.

Progressive Stamped Carbon Steel Fluid Valve Base and Cover

Carbon Steel Fluid Valve

• Base + Cover

• Output of 95% material

• 5% Labor cost

• Zinc Plated

Progressive Stamping Production

Our quality certifications back our commitment to precision metal stampings.

AS9100 Aerospace & Defense Certification

ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification

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