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Powder Coat Painting


Fully Integrated Manufacturing Saves Time & Money


Harvey Vogel’s new state-of-the-art powder coating system saves time and money on your projects that require a painted finish. Outsourced painting requires packing and shipping parts to another facility. It can take weeks for the parts to return for final assembly and shipping

System Overview

  • In-Line Overhead Monorail Powder Coating System

    • 470-foot long variable speed conveyor

  • In-Line Overhead Monorail Powder Coating System5–Stage Stainless Steel Washer

    • Product size up to 12” wide X 48” high X 48” long

  • In-Line Dry Oven

  • Parker Ionics Q-Flo-4500 Powder Booth with Accessories

    • 2-person booth with manual guns

  • Parker Ionics Q-Flo-1500 Powder Booth with Accessories

    • 1-person booth with manual gun for samples/prototypes

  • Environmental Room for Powder Booths

    • 25’ X 36’

  • In-Line Cure Oven

In-house powder coating enables HV to ship product days and even weeks faster. The other advantage of a full-service operation is the cost savings. Controlling all the aspects of your project under one roof allows us to price aggressively.

Get high-quality parts faster and at a great price with  Harvey Vogel Manufacturing Co., your full-service metal manufacturer.


In-House Powder Coating at Harvey Vogel Manufacturing

Powder Coat Vide

Medical Chassis

Medical Parts Powder Coating



Military Powder Coated Part

Agriculture Flow


Agriculture Powder Coating


Machine - Cover

Powder Coat Part

Precision Masking & Plugging | Difficult Angles | On-Site Quality Control | Color Matching | Various Finishes

All of your metal stamping, assembly and finishing needs from one source.

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